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WWE Upset With AEW's Brodie Lee As Vince McMahon Parody

AEW aired a very obvious, very baseline parody of Vince McMahon on last night's Dynamite, as Brodie Lee addressed Dark Order followers John Silver and Alex Reynolds over a spot of dinner.

'The Exalted One' spoke while tucking into a steak. Silver was soon expelled from the room for reaching for his own cutlery before Lee had finished ("daddy eats first" was the message) and Reynolds was out the door soon after, with Lee admonishing him for sneezing - a famous Vince tick.

Per Dave Meltzer on today's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE saw the segment and aren't best pleased with what went down. Meltzer didn't outright say that Vince, specifically, was angry, but noted that some within the company are upset about it.

Lee threw shade at McMahon on last week's episode of Dynamite as well, saying that Christopher Daniels wasn't the first "out-of-touch old man to not believe in me." Perhaps 'The Exalted One' was intended to be a McMahon rib all along. Regardless, the move will surely divide the fanbase between those who get a kick out of the WWE digs and those who'd prefer AEW just moved on.